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1986 Leacock Medal-No Axe Too Small to Gind-Joey Slinger

"When I noticed Joey Slinger’s 1986 Leacock Medal book No Axe Too Small to Grind approaching on my reading schedule, I wasn’t excited." 

I started my review of Slinger's book this way because I knew Slinger had been a Toronto Star columnist, had read his stuff periodically, and presumed, with cause, that his book would be another collection of essays.

This kind of writing might be the most appropriate genre for my tiny attention span.  But this year, I had already read books like this by Eric Nicol, Pierre Berton, Gary Lautens, Gregory Clark, Robert Thomas Allen, Ray Guy, Richard J. Needham, and Norman Ward.  I wasn’t sure what Joey’s book could offer other than more of the same. 

Slinger’s audience also had a headache and the flu when it picked up his book around the end of June. 

But ... as I put it back on the shelf a week later, I thought this collection would be the one that I would reference again and again in the future.
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