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              1981 Take My Family- by Gary Lautens

                August 30, 2013

                It affected me more than I expected ...


               1982 Gophers don't pay taxes by Mervyn J. Huston

                  September 6, 2013

                   Digging through papers and personal effects after the successive deaths of my parents in 2005, I came upon ...                

                       September 13, 2013

                      I was blessed with a family of modest and imprecise expectations ...


                 1984 No Sex Please... by Gary Lautens

                  September 20, 2013
                   This is embarrassing. Gary Lautens gives me nightmares ...
                  1985 Love is  Long Shot ... by Ted Allan
                       September 27, 2013
                       One of the most  oddly enjoyable books I read this year
                       was Love is a Long Shot