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              1986 No Axe Too Small to Grind by Joey Slinger

                   October 4, 2013

                    When I noticed Joey Slinger’s 1986 Leacock Medal Winning book No Axe Too Small to Grind approaching on my reading schedule, I was not particularly excited ...

                  1987 Fencepost Chronicles  by W.P. Kinsella
                  October 11, 2013

                  You ask yourself “Is he really doing what I think he is ?”


                  1988 King Leary  by Paul Quarrington
                October 18, 2013 
                  Without King Leary, the catalogue of Leacock Medal winners
         would not have a single book with hockey as its major theme ...

                    1989 Winter Tulips  by Joe Kertes

                       October 2,  2013

                  Approaching Guelph, Ontario from the south, the road rises a bit and then slopes down just before entering the town ... 

More to come - Fall 2014.