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        1972 "The Night We Stole the Mountie's Car"            
            by Max Braithwaite
               June 28, 2013 
             My high school career counseling sessions throbbed back into my head when I read the “writhed in discontent” opening passage to Max Braithwaite’s The Night We stole the Mounties Car, the 1972 Leacock Medal winner.  

"Saturday Night at the Bagel Factory"            

            by Donald Bell
               July 5, 2013 
             Driving a rented Volkswagen through central Alberta in late April of this Canus Humorous year, I am surrounded by skiffs of snow, patches of brown grass, and puffs of dust ...  


            1974 Bandy- "That's Me in the Middle"            
            by Donald Jack
               July 12, 2013
              Me in the Middle, the second installment in the Bartholomew Bandy series and the second,  imaginary Bandy memoir to win the Leacock Medal for Donald Jack, was another one of those Canus Humorous books that I read with the help of ...

            1975   "Good  Place to Come From"           

            by Morley Torgov

               July 19,2013
                For a long time, I would reconcile my hours of work with the meager sales of my Don Quixote in a government office parody (Don Quincy de la Mangement: The Life and Adventures of the Most Strategic, Integrated and Aligned Servant of the Public) with a typical writer’s rationalization.

           1976   "The Luck of the Irish"

            by Harry J. Boyle

              July 26, 2013
              The “miracle” at the core of Harry J. Boyle’s 1976 Leacock Medal winner Luck of the Irish is eminently explainable and even commonplace. Few readers would evade this assessment