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                 1968 "And Now ... Here's Max" by Max Ferguson 
May 31, 2013
he story in the 1968 Leacock Medal winner “And Now ... Here’s Max” that I most often recite with a knowing smirk is woven throughout the whole book, but is not mentioned explicitly until the final chapters ...
                   1969 "You're Only as Old as You Act" 
                by Stuart Trueman                              J
une 7, 2013
                  Stuart Trueman was often called “Mr. New Brunswick” because of his energetic promotion of his home province, its natural attractions, and its history.  He was a very committed New Brunswick resident, living and working his entire 84 years around his native city of Saint John.

"The Boat Who Wouldn't Float" by Farley Mowat
                 June 14, 2013
                Author, environmentalist, and character-filled character Farley Mowat and his impressive wife Claire sent me a small but moving gift this year. I will treasure it for many reasons ...

                    1971 "Children, Wives and Other Wildlife "
                 by Robert Thomas Allen

June 21, 2013
                     In the 1970s, I worked for a forestry consulting company in British Columbia that specialized in field work around remote, isolated camps with crews living together in tents for weeks on end.