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What Happened to Hango ?

After sharing her psyche and personal life with the world through her Leacock Medal winning book, Angeline Hango assumed a low profile; she gave few interviews and never wrote again.  She was happy to pursue personal interests and dedicate herself to her husband and family.
Yet even knowing this, it was surprising to find no biographical information on her on the Internet.   
Even experts who have studied her book from an academic perspective were unable to help as their work focused on her text and her times, not personal life. The Project to record Canada’s Early Women Writers (CEWW) at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C. , which is very skilled and did help a bit. 
They confirmed that award-winning Angeline was born in 1905 and “baptized Marie Rose Angeline Roy,” “married John Raymond Hango in Arvida in 1932,” and lived in Montreal into the 1990s. 
Finally, through some searching and guess work based upon her husband's U.S. citizenship and other information, I was fortunate to contact her still living and working son Roy Hango, now in New England.  Born on February 2, 1905, Hango died November 9, 1995 in Montreal.