About Canus Humorous Review

"I like the state of continual becoming" GBS
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I created this Blog in 2012 to document my quest to live a more humorous life. 

The name tries to evoke “a year of reading humour” in the style of "Annus Mirabilis" and "Annus Horribilis." My first attempt at a blog name, "Anus Humorous", drew odd Twitter followers and too many unfortunate references on the web.

"Canus Humorous" has a nicer ring and might make you think of Canadian humour.  

All great imaginary reasons for choosing this name, but really, when I learned that “canus” is Latin for “grey-haired and aging,” that sealed it.

With this stuff, I want to promote

Canadian Humour Writing
by collecting, reading and reviewing books that have won the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal  (see kudos and coverage on the quest and resulting book);

Humorous Thinking
by indulging in more funny thoughts, stuff, things and ideas with potential to become things (see "Stubbornstuff" Humour Columns); and

And a Sense of Humour
while still reading government memos, briefing notes, and policies as my paid daily routine  (see Editor Bio above).