About Canus Humorous Review

My name is Dick Bourgeois-Doyle.

My now fading professional life focused on science administration and communication as per this summary and this link to my columns for  

I created this Blog in 2012 to document my quest to live a more humorous life - and blog about Canadian humour as per links and words below, beside, and above.

The name of the blog and the URL try to evoke “a year of reading humour” in the style of "Annus Mirabilis" and "Annus Horribilis." My first attempt at a blog name, "Anus Humorous", drew odd traffic on Twitter and unfortunate references on the web. 
"Canus Humorous" has a nicer ring and might make you think of Canadian humour.  

These are all great imaginary reasons for choosing this blog name, but really, when I learned that “canus” is Latin for “grey-haired and aging,” that sealed it.
With this stuff, I want to promote

Canadian Humour Writing
by collecting, reading and reviewing books that have won the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal  (see kudos and coverage on the quest and resulting book);

Humorous Thinking
by indulging in more funny thoughts, stuff, things and ideas with potential to become things (see "Stubbornstuff" Columns); and

And a Sense of Humour
while still reading government memos, briefing notes, and policies as my paying gig  (see summary bio above and  this thing) .

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