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1983 Leacock Medal - Maximillian Glick by Morley Torgov

"As a baby, Maximilian Glick did not breathe ordinary air like you and me.  He inhaled clouds “saturated with love, like the air of a forest in spring, of a seaside in summer.” And Max’s parents, grandparents and friends did not just stand next to his bassinette; they “hovered ... like overgrown doves, cooing adjectives of praise.” 

With high expectations swirling around his every step, Maximilian grew up with his “defaults and delinquencies” swelling in guilt to lie “on his slim shoulders like the national debt.” 

Everything in The Outside Chance of Maximillian Glick, the 1982 Leacock Medal winner and the second book to grab the award for Morley Torgov, seemed like something else, like something special.   The creative metaphors and similies illustrate Torgov's style and make Max a fun read.

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